Grow Your eCommerce Brand Globally in 30 Days (or Less!)

Take your eCommerce store global in 30 days or less with our "Global Quick Start" program. We help you:

Save up to 40% or more on your international shipping costs using our logistics framework

Get your EU, UK and international tax handled for you with Bluelambda acting as your international reseller

Set up and get your international Shopify store ready-to-launch in 30 days (or less)


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Growing Your eCommerce Store is Difficult

Growing a business in the eCommerce space is never easy, but of late it has become incredibly difficult.

The global pandemic is wreaking havoc on your business. Logistics costs are going up, with every carrier charging surcharges on each and every shipment. The tax and customs filings are getting more complex. The list of countries that your customers are ordering from is too long, and the rules for each country change continuously.

Customers, being used to the convenience of Amazon, are getting more demanding.  They expect quicker delivery, and for you to provide the same level of service that Amazon does.

The ever changing updates from the major paid traffic platforms are making it difficult for your store to grow as fast as it used to.

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Does Any of this Sound Familiar?


Traffic costs are going up year over year as more advertisers compete with the same amount of ad inventory on the major platforms.

It can be a challenge to compete with the other eCommerce stores that are targeting the same limited pool of people in the same country. Paid traffic is simply a game of supply and demand. With limited ad inventory, paid traffic costs invariably go up, while conversion rates remain stagnant. 

The fact is: You have been growing rapidly over the last few years, it but seems that every year it gets harder and harder to grow at the same rate.

The End of Double and Triple Digit % Growth?

What you need is a solution to win in this new and changing landscape. These are the common solutions that most merchants come up with:

Expand into new traffic channels

Expand to marketplaces like Amazon

Optimize your website and ads for conversions

Those are actually great ideas, and we do all of these for our Premium Managed Clients at Bluelambda.

But all of these are difficult, may require a hefty upfront investment, may yield results slowly.


Why Expanding Globally is the Low Hanging Fruit

Bluelambda been helping eCommerce stores grow since 2009. For our Premium Managed Clients, we fully manage their growth across a variety of traffic channels and marketplaces. 

What we're seeing now is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Something we've helped our Premium Managed Clients do as a custom solution, but up to now has been unavailable without a hefty upfront commitment.

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Go Where Traffic is Cheap

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I'm talking about expanding your store globally to international markets, where traffic is not saturated, and where purchasing online is still growing rapidly.

And I'm not just talking about just getting a warehouse in Europe, the UK or Australia or expanding to just a handful of countries.

I'm talking about expanding and exposing your product to the entire global marketplace at once, and quickly test out which countries have a demand for your product.

According to Statista, the eCommerce market worldwide is worth 4.28 trillion USD in 2020 compared to only 431.6 billion USD in the US. This is projected to grow up to 5.4 trillion USD in 2022, compared to just 502 million USD in the US.  

The Global Marketplace is 10 Times as Large as the US

You're leaving a lot of money on the table by just targeting your domestic market and missing out on the global market. 

Simply put: Your domestic market is now saturated and is no longer a good source for growth. It makes sense to go where there's still a lot of room for growth for your brand.

The opportunities are endless when taking a global view.

Many of these opportunities are in markets where eCommerce is just only starting to become popular. This is an opportunity to get started internationally when it's still not as competitive.

Airplane and stack of cardboard boxes. concept of air cargo and parcels, airmail. Fast delivery of goods and products. Cargo aircraft. Logistics, connection to hard-to-reach places. Banner, copy space.

The 6 Problems You Will Face when Expanding Your Store Globally

I know what you're thinking. Globally expansion? Most eCommerce store owners have tried that and failed. Some don't even bother to start because it's too complicated or expensive.  

What you really want is a solution that allows you to test global markets quickly (and all at once), without a hefty upfront investment.

Up till now we've only offered this to our Premium Managed Clients, but we've found a way to help stores of any size expand globally quickly, without a hefty upfront investment.

But before we share the solution, there are 3 challenges of expanding your eCommerce store globally that you need to know about.

Shadow Airplane and stack of cardboard boxes. concept of air cargo and parcels, airmail. Fast delivery of goods and products. Cargo aircraft. Logistics, connection to hard-to-reach places. Banner, copy space.

Challenge 1: Cost of Shipping Internationally

color transportation collage air, land and sea

If you've shipped internationally from the US, you'll find that the USPS has a monopoly on postal shipments from the US to international addresses.

If you use a commercial carrier such as DHL, FedEx or UPS, among others, you'll find that the costs are much higher than using post, or take a lot longer to reach your customers (or both).

If your sell domestically in other countries, your rates might not be competitive when shipping globally.

Challenge 2: International Taxation

Close-up Of Accountant Woman Working In Office

You might have noticed that many governments worldwide are now moving to charge tax on imports.

Previously, low value imports into the UK and the EU would be exempt from import VAT. As of today, all imports into the UK and EU are taxed, regardless of value.

If you don't have the appropriate tax registrations in these 2 regions, your customers will be forced to pay the import tax once the parcels are in the UK/EU, along with a hefty service fee from the logistics carrier. This typically leads to a huge number of complaints.

You Need a Logistics Carrier Who Understands International Tax

Not only that, you'll need to work with a good logistics carrier that understands how these tax schemes work. And make sure they transmit the correct tax registration information to the appropriate tax authorities.

These tax schemes are new to the industry as a whole, so don't be surprised if they don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Even a large logistics carriers and postal companies may not be aware of how to properly handle these shipments, much less how to integrate these calculations into your eCommerce platform so that all the taxes and shipments are handled appropriately.

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Challenge 3: Setting Up an International Store Fast and Risk-Free

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You already have a successful eCommerce store. What would you say to tearing down or modifying your entire store so that you can expand globally?

This is a huge risk and while technically possible, would be a huge investment in both time and money. It might take months before you sell your first products. Not to mention you'll need to configure the logistics integrations, taxes and a whole lot of other things.

What you want to do is a way to test the global marketplace quickly. To find the countries and international audiences that convert. And to do it in a cost-effective manner.

Solving These Problems on Your Own


You've already read about the many pieces of the puzzle that is required to come together seamlessly to make global expansion work. 

Fact: Global expansion is difficult, and it is complicated. 

Doing this on your own is extremely expensive and time consuming. It could be months before you get your first sale.

By the time you figure it all out on your own, you would have probably sunk at least USD 12,000 to USD 20,000, even before you make your first sale.

Now, there are managed solutions for global cross-border expansion. But all of these are Enterprise-only and are cost prohibitive to smaller companies and SMBs

We've Solved These Problems Before, so You Don't Have To

At Bluelambda, we've helped solve these very same problems for our Premium Managed Clients. These solutions and insights have been developed over years of experience from working with our Premium Managed Clients. 

These clients are more established and require a much more custom approach for global expansion.

We wanted to develop something that we could offer to more and smaller eCommerce stores to help them get started with global eCommerce expansion quickly and relatively inexpensively.


Bluelambda™ Partnerships and Certifications

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