134.48% Increase in Revenue from an eCommerce Radical Redesign (Success Story)


Client: Supplements Brand
Split-Testing Platform: Optimizely
Site Type: E-commerce (Single-Product)
Test Approach: Website Radical Redesign A/B Split using a Multi-Page Test
Objectives: Increase in sales and revenue per unique visitor

All screenshots have been redacted in order to protect our client's privacy.

Second Test

The initial test we conducted for this website resulted in a 26.2% increase in number of people clicking the "Add to Cart" option. This positive result prompted us to conduct a second test on this website to further boost the conversion rate and increase the company's revenue.

We decided in a radical redesign of the entire website to improve the results from the first test. In this test, we used a variation of our treatment page from the first optimization as the new control.

Control Page (Click to View Larger)

Control Page (Click to View Larger)


For this radical redesign, we decided to utilize long-form direct marketing copy. The image we have attached is a cropped version of the treatment page. The utilization of a long-form copy was based on the hypothesis that potential customers require more information regarding this supplement product before they are convinced to purchase it, as it is a product that is consumed.

The benefits of the product need to be communicated clearly to the potential customer so as to put their mind at ease and assure them that they are buying a supplement product that is of no danger to their health.

Treatment Page (Click to View Larger)

Treatment Page (Click to View Larger)

The main changes we made are highlighted below:

Initial Experience

The new landing page of the website is designed around long-form direct marketing style copy. Visitors are presented with information about the supplement that are segmented distinctly so as to enable easy comprehension of the copy. The headings and the segments on the were carefully picked so as to make scanning of the long-form marketing copy easy.

The purchase option is presented only after they have digested the information about the supplement. This goes against conventional marketing "best practice" where the call-to-action should be always above the fold.


Value Proposition

We tested a new core value proposition of having a supplement product that is scientifically demonstrated to bring about positive effects. We used scientific results that were available to increase the legitimacy of the supplement product before listing clearly the uniqueness of our client's product that differentiated them from other similar products sold by other companies.

The 100% money back guarantee and free shipping are also constantly displayed throughout the long copy to increase the credibility of the value proposition.

Scientific Results (Click to View Larger)
Scientific Results (Click to View Larger)

Treatment Guarantees
Treatment Guarantees

All these changes complemented each other in conveying the legitimacy and exclusivity of this particular supplement product, thereby reinforcing the value proposition.


Previously, our client provided two versions of the supplement product which differed in strengths. However, we decided to test focusing on the 1:100 version as it was bringing in more sales. The principle is to provide the customer with a limited set of options in a bid to reduce confusion and hopefully increase conversions.

The purchase options were simplified with only one strength of the product available for sale. This lessens the initial confusion caused by the different purchase options, and effectively guide the potential customer into the buying process.

The purchase options are also displayed prominently in a clearly defined box, and presented several times throughout the long-form copy. The major call to action button, the "View Pricing and Purchase" button, is in a big and bright yellow box, inviting potential customers to click on it to find out more regarding the purchasing options.

We also created a separate purchase page for the website, where the prices are stated clearly in big fonts and the exclusive discounts are also highlighted. We also calculated the total number of bottles and capsules they will be receiving for each option so as to reduce uncertainty on the customer's part and minimize friction in the buying process.

Treatment Purchase Option (Click to View Larger)
Treatment Purchase Option (Click to View Larger)

Treatment Purchase Page (Click to View Larger)
Treatment Purchase Page (Click to View Larger)

Finally, there used to be a "sign up for mailing list" option in the control page. We removed this in this test, in a bid to not distract customers with multiple actions. We instead provided only one prominent conversion path, which was to purchase the product.


To reassure potential customers and alleviate their anxiety about the product further, we included common ripoffs about the product into the long-form copy and pointed out other scams that were out there so as to further highlight the unique value proposition of the client's product.

Treatment Ripoffs (Click to View Larger)
Treatment Ripoffs (Click to View Larger)

Scientific results regarding this supplement also help to boost their confidence in the product, and information regarding the source and extraction process of the supplement are also provided so as to convey transparency and exclusivity of the supplement. An actual picture of the product is also included so that customers know exactly what they are getting.

The free shipping logo has also been enlarged even further as compared to the first optimization to address customers' concern about the price and assure them that there are absolutely no hidden charges.

Many more testimonials by various satisfied customers we also included in the copy.

All these corrective measures work by being very specific and trying to address address precisely the source of customer anxiety and work to counteract it.

Corrective measures were also placed at close proximity to where anxiety might be possibly felt by the prospective customer. An example is the 100% Money Back Guarantee Logo, which is placed inside the purchase options box as a pledge to customers that their money will be fully refunded if they are not satisfied with the product.

Running the Test


Optimizely was used as the split test platform for this test.

Technical Challenges

We found that a lot of the sales were not tracking properly in Optimizely. After some investigation, we found that this a limitation of the current checkout process. Some customers were not redirected properly to the "thank you" confirmation page after their purchase. These customers had a successful purchase but since they did not view the "thank you" page, the confirmation was not tracked in Optimizely.

As we tracked which sales came from both the control and the treatment, we were still able to take the conversion and traffic numbers and calculate in a spreadsheet the test results and the error ranges using a 2-tailed z-test (the same test Optimizely uses).

Test Results

Increase in Sales and Revenue (Click to View Larger)
Increase in Sales and Revenue (Click to View Larger)

This radical redesign resulted in a 134.48% increase in revenue and 68.63% increase in sales, at a statistical confidence level of 95%.

Lessons Learnt

As with all radical redesigns, it's impossible to breakdown the conversion changes to the exact "contribution" of each factor. Moreover, the variables and elements in a webpage are most certainly not independent.

We can only say that the combination of the new presentation and copy lead to the changes in conversion.

The testing of a new value proposition that communicates directly to customers regarding the positive effects of the supplement has worked. We initially hypothesized that customers will require more information about this complex product, hence the adoption of a long form copy to present this information. This hypothesis is very likely to be true, judging by the positive results of this optimization test.

The better design also increased the credibility and legitimacy of the website, reducing anxiety. Addressing the various points of possible friction also enabled us to navigate a visitor through the entire buying process and successfully convert them into customers.

Author: Francis Teo (8 Posts)

Francis Teo is the Founder and eCommerce Growth Strategist at the eCommerce Growth Consultancy Bluelambda.

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